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                                                                                                         Creation Care Ministries

In The Spirit  is a Green Chalice Congregation

Because we care about the future of our environment, In The Spirit established a Creation Care Team for this ministry. We have taken steps to educate our congregation about climate change and energy conservation. Plus, we are making our building more energy efficient by replacing all bulbs in the sanctuary, adding motion sensor lighting in bathrooms and offices, installing programmable thermostats, and eliminating the use of styrofoam and plastic by using dishes and glasses for all eating functions.

Our next step is to become a Certified Green Chalice Congregation

                                         Green Chalice Gathering

Clergy, Lay Leaders of established or emerging Green Chalice churches are welcome to join in this informative and spirit led conversation. We will hear stories from Green Chalice Congregations, In the Spirit Christian Church, Tulsa, OK, First Christian Church, Highland, IN and St. Paul's Christian Church in Raleigh, NC and offer support and prayer for one another as we begin 2023. 


            Environment Racism

                    Interview with

        Robert Bullard Sociologist

                                                                                                         Our Community Garden

   Done in partnership with Oklahoma Family Empowerment Center and thanks to donations from Oklahoma Disciples Foundation

                            To learn more about the Green Chalice Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and resources

                                                                                                                  Click Here


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